Welcome to ALPS, the NLP winter school in the Alps

The first Advanced Language Processing School took place from January 17th to Friday 22nd 2021.
Co-organized by LIG (Univ. Grenoble Alpes) and Naver Labs Europe ALPS consisted in a week-long series of lectures by world-class NLP researchers, sessions where participants presented their work, social sessions and labs. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the school took place entirely online.​

What ALPS represents:

  • Advanced lectures by first class researchers. See the list of speakershere;
  • An atmosphere that fosters connections and interaction.
  • A poster session for attendees to present their work, gather feedback and brainstorm future work ideas.

The winter school was limited to about 100 attendees, and targeted primarily students at master level (research oriented) or PhD level. A number of places were reserved for academics and researchers from the industry.